The Art of Kathryn Crenshaw 
NEWS: October 15th 2022
Once again, I am vending the Taste of Fall Rowlett Market this October. You may have noticed me indoor events have been lacking.

We had a number of reasons for that this year, mostly me just re-adjusting to some family changes and getting back on my game. Post pandemic, I focused a lot on personal art and some fun personal projects, which did not leave me a lot of time to stock for shows.

I did however show at the Denton Comic and Art Expo at the beginning of September and had an amazing time.

The very next weekend, I was a featured Artist at Palette to Palate Fine Art Show late

New Art  Oct 2022

Here are some of my latest sketches and finished pieces.
As you can see I've been doing a bit of everything, from new gallery pieces, new black and white work for a zine, and a series of anime boys from the retro anime show Samurai Troopers.

I will be updating the galleries with those I deem my best work later. 
For more, sketches, please follow my tumblr blog  GalacticDustBunnies.Tumblr.Com
Commission Status
Five 2X7  $20 Bookmark Spots Open
please email: kcrenshaw.designs@gm,
if interested

Upcoming Shows: 
Taste of Fall Rowlett Market : Every Thursday Night from 5:30-8:30