NEWS FOR 1/27/2018
Old Updates

After the health fiasco of 2017, I am hoping to make 2018 a major comeback year!
So what's new?
For starters, note the Ko-fi button. Yup, I can accept online tips now.
I also set up a Redbubble Store a few months ago. You'll find that listed under the "Store" links.

Aside from those new sites, I am prepping for a busy con season Feb-April. The first show show of the year right around the corner. That would be The North Texas Comic Book show Feb 10th and 11th in Irving Texas.
You can find me at booth 302

New Artwise, obviously I'll have new prints for the cons, and I am working on some fun things for the webcomic. Other than that, just trying to find the health to draw again.
The main update this month is getting the Space Mermaid of Inktober up (or at least the ones I want on this site) and a Widget picture I am proud of. . Again, follow my Tumblr artblog to see everything I scribble, art, fanart, silliness etc.

Here's to a great 2018
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Status: Closed

2018 Cons
NTCBS Feb 10-11
All-Con March 15-18
Dallas Fan Expo April 6-8

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