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Con Crunch Has Ended
The major comeback I was hoping for has been . . . not as major as I hoped. Turns out it is hard to make time for a toddler, prepping for multiple cons a months, and a regular job all at the same time. But I have shifted some priority, overtime needs are down, so let's get on with the art!

So what's new? Lots of Art! It was a tough haul, and less than my usual output, but I am very proud of the artwork I have put forth.

Also lots of art related activities. The Wonderful Shonuff Studios Team has asked me to be a guest at their Comic Creator Night. If you are lovcal to the DFW area, please come out and support you local creators. I am also preparing multiple Panels and Workshops for Animefest. Right now my workshop Homemade Zones has been accepted. I will update with the others if they get the greenlight! And In July, I will be hosting an art talk at the Denton Public Library. So again, if you are local, please come check it out.

I really can't believe this year is almost half over. I am trying to take a breather as all m "First Half of the Year" cons are behind me. I attended the North Texas Comic Con, Woman of Wonder Con, Revel Con, Fan Expo, Kilgore Comic Con, Fan Expo, and A-kon. It was an whirlwind first half of the year. I loved meeting everyone, and thank you all for your support.
A special thanks to the Fan-Expo crowd who loved my webcomic so much I had to go home on Saturday and bring up extra copies on Sunday. To "sell out" of the copies I had on hand was crazy and wonderful and I am so appreciative of everyone's support.

As always, thank you everyone for your support!

And I will end with a reminder to check out my Redbubble Store a few months ago. You'll find that listed under the "Store" links.


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