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Oh Man, so if you were here recently, you may have noticed there hasn't been an update since December! That isn't actually true, I had two updates since then I just . . . forgot to change my intro page. Baby Brain is all I can say to explain that oversight!

So what has changed over the last few months?
- I had to close my Etsy shop for a while. Unfortunately, between my baby, my office job, and just life I couldn't keep up with orders. I do have a zazzle shop and I am looking into opening a few more current shops with products made by a 3rd party. I am also looking at re-opening the Etsy shop as a commission exclusive store later this year.

- State of Disunion, my webcomic, has been going strong for over a year now. I have begun meeting fans at shows and I just can't even put into words how amazing that is. Thank you all for you support!

-And of course NEW ART! Check the galleries for the best of the new stuff, and check out my tumblr art blog for all the crazy sketches and fanart that I do . . . . in the rare moments of free time!

I have two upcoming shows, the North Texas Comic Show and the Dallas Comic Show (I know they sound the same but the aren't LOL) after that, I'll hopefully book a few more! -Katie
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Status: Closed

Upcoming Cons
North Texas Comic Show July 9th
the Dallas Comic Show Aug 6th-7th

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